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AFM Safecoat® Paints

Stop offgassing with the safest, highest quality and least toxic paints and building products on the planet. Safecoat paints are the healthiest way to add color to your home.

Havelock Wool - Natural High-Performance Wool Insulation

Discover the benefits of all natural sheep wool insulation from the highest quality manufacturer in North America.

The Center for Green Building is committed to helping you build the safest and cleanest home possible from foundation to finishings.

Böhme Wood Stains

Böhme is a water-based natural oil hybrid line of finishes designed for exterior projects. Böhme technology has been available in Switzerland for more than 150 years and is manufactured to meet the highest VOC regulations in the US, Canada and Europe.

Tesoro Woods Flooring

Since 1992, Tesoro Woods has been the only flooring company devoted exclusively to forest protection and indoor air quality. You can trust that a Tesoro Woods floor satisfies the highest environmental & health standards.

Earth Weave Carpets

We offer premium area rugs and carpets made with 100% natural fiber. We source these from trusted brands that don’t rely on petrochemical product recycling. Instead, they get their raw materials from a manufacturer that always uses renewable resources — Mother Nature.

Popular Products


  • AFM Safecoat® EcoLacq Tintable Cabinet and Furniture Finish


    Safecoat EcoLacq is a pigmented, hard and durable high gloss, water-based replacement for high solvent content lacquer. Its very low…

  • Vermont Natural Coatings Böhme Aging Stain


    Vermont Natural Coatings and Böhme’s Exterior Aging Stain is a premium exterior wood treatment that provides an instant aged appearance…

  • AFM Safecoat Concrete Floor Paint


    Concrete Floor Paint Defend your concrete floor from the elements with AFM Safecoat interior concrete floor paint. This waterborne coating…

  • Zero Volatile Organic Compound Paint from AFM Safecoat


    AFM Safecoat Paints AFM Safecoat has been manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly paints for over 35 years. We are happy…

  • Rainier Bio-Floor™ Carpet


    Rainier Bio-Floor™ Carpet A newer carpet offering that showcases a random tip shear. The combination of cut and uncut loops…

  • McKinley Bio-Floor™ Carpet


    Our most popular carpet offering a muted elegance. McKinley can be either dressed up in a formal application or used…

  • Pyrenees Bio-Floor™ Carpet


    Pyrenees Bio-Floor™ Carpet Our mid-weight carpet style constructed with a distinct two color pattern. The alternating rows of color are…

  • Earth Weave Dolomite Bio-Floor™ Carpet


    Dolomite Bio-Floor™ Carpet Our lowest pile product constructed from the finest all natural wool available. At 30 ounces, Dolomite is…

  • Earth Weave OrganoSoftColors™ Pure Wool Carpet – Catskill


    New OrganoSoftColors™ Line | Catskill The OrganoSoftColors™ line are truly unique carpets that brings a style and luxurious texture never…

  • AFM Safecoat® All Purpose Exterior Satin Paint


    SAFECOAT® ALL PURPOSE EXTERIOR SATIN This sophisticated, premium quality, fast-curing paint is designed for exterior surfaces where a durable, weather…


What We Do

The Center for Green Building is your top choice when it comes to sustainable home improvement and renovation products. We stock a full-line of zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) cleaners, sealers, floor finishes, and paints. Our facility also carries eco-friendly and safe flooring materials and high-performance wool insulation from top brands.

We’ve been selling our health and environmentally-safe products for over a decade now. Since then, we’ve become a store that’s trusted by construction professionals and homeowners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Our Customers Love Us

Expectations exceeded! Thanks so much for making it easy to put together my healthy Arizona home. A+!
Alexis Beal

Happy Customer

Everything we needed to complete our new home in one spot with great support for their service team!
Kayla Maxey

Happy Customer

Quality products and excellent customer service from start to finish. A+ company that I'll order from again!
Mark Grado

Happy Customer

Our daughter was born on Christmas and because of your generosity, I felt wonderful bringing her home to a clean space. You really made a difference to this first-time mom! We can't thank you enough.
Lili Worthley

New Mother and Happy Customer

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