High-Quality and Non-Toxic Carpets from EarthWave

    • Earth Weave Dolomite Bio-Floor™ Carpet


      Dolomite Bio-Floor™ Carpet Our lowest pile product constructed from the finest all natural wool available. At 30 ounces, Dolomite is…

    • Pyrenees Bio-Floor™ Carpet


      Pyrenees Bio-Floor™ Carpet Our mid-weight carpet style constructed with a distinct two color pattern. The alternating rows of color are…

    • McKinley Bio-Floor™ Carpet


      Our most popular carpet offering a muted elegance. McKinley can be either dressed up in a formal application or used…

    • Rainier Bio-Floor™ Carpet


      Rainier Bio-Floor™ Carpet A newer carpet offering that showcases a random tip shear. The combination of cut and uncut loops…

    • Earth Weave OrganoSoftColors™ Pure Wool Carpet – Catskill


      New OrganoSoftColors™ Line | Catskill The OrganoSoftColors™ line are truly unique carpets that brings a style and luxurious texture never…

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