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AFM Safecoat has been manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly paints for over 35 years. We are happy to carry a full line of Safecoat Paints. We tint your paint in store to match our own color line, and can color match most other product lines (within 10%). Safecoat Paints and tints are zero VOC. Paints are available in Flat, Pearl, Eggshell, Semi-gloss and Exterior Satin.

    • Zero Volatile Organic Compound Paint from AFM Safecoat


      AFM Safecoat Paints AFM Safecoat has been manufacturing safe and environmentally friendly paints for over 35 years. We are happy…

    • Vermont Natural Coatings Böhme Aging Stain


      Vermont Natural Coatings and Böhme’s Exterior Aging Stain is a premium exterior wood treatment that provides an instant aged appearance…

    • AFM Safecoat® Transitional Primer


      SAFECOAT® TRANSITIONAL PRIMER This premium quality, water-based flat finish universal primer solves difficult application problems without toxic and harsh-smelling chemicals.…

    • AFM Safecoat® MetalCoat Acrylic Metal Primer


      METALCOAT ACRYLIC METAL PRIMER This thermoplastic acrylic emulsion primer is fortified with rust-inhibiting pigments and designed for use on non-ferrous…

    • AFM Safecoat® All Purpose Exterior Satin Paint


      SAFECOAT® ALL PURPOSE EXTERIOR SATIN This sophisticated, premium quality, fast-curing paint is designed for exterior surfaces where a durable, weather…

    • AFM Safecoat® EcoLacq Tintable Cabinet and Furniture Finish


      Safecoat EcoLacq is a pigmented, hard and durable high gloss, water-based replacement for high solvent content lacquer. Its very low…

    • AFM Safecoat® Fan Deck – Color Is…


      Find the perfect color for your project! The “Color Is” Color System is a fresh palette of over 1300 colors.

    • AFM Safecoat® New Wallboard PrimeCoat HPV


      AFM SAFECOAT® NEW WALLBOARD PRIMECOAT HPV This premium quality, fast-curing, flat-finish primer provides a superior prime coat over interior surfaces…

    • AFM Safecoat Concrete Floor Paint


      Concrete Floor Paint Defend your concrete floor from the elements with AFM Safecoat interior concrete floor paint. This waterborne coating…

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