Aqua-Resin® Putty W – Wood Filler & Sculpting Material

Aqua-Resin® Putty W – Wood Filler & Sculpting Material



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AQUA-RESIN® Putty W™ is a two-component, water-based filler/putty material comprised of Aqua-Resin L Liquid and Putty W Powder. It adheres to wood, metal, rigid foam and most plastics.* It is compatible with chopped fiberglass or fiberglass mat. It is highly flame resistant. It is useful as a wood filler and a sculpting material as well as a replacement for polyester filler putties. Putty W is permanent in all applications, including exterior use. For long term applications out of doors, an exterior sealer or good quality exterior paint is recommended.

AQUA-RESIN®, sustainably produced, with less than 10% of its formula weight derived from petrochemical sources, is not only truly “green” and safe to use, but also OSHA and EPA compliant and LEED applicable.

AQUA-RESIN®‘s unique system offers easy to use, water based – waterborne, non-toxic, molding, laminating, and casting materials without the usual health risks or fumes generally associated with conventional polyester, urethane or formaldehyde emitting resin systems.

A unique feature of Putty W is its long Beta stage. During Beta, the putty is a solid, but not a completely cured, fully hardened mass. This feature makes it particularly easy to cut and shape. At this stage it can
be sanded with waterproof sandpaper. Beta Stage can last from 1 to 12 hours depending on thickness, temperature and humidity. Putty W can be painted immediately— once hard, with water-based paints,
or after it no longer feels cool or is dry to the touch.

*Putty W will not adhere to materials with self-releasing properties, i.e. wooden tongue depressors, silicones, polyethylene, polypropylene, et al.

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