Litokol Starlike® EVO Tile Grout – Classic & Glamour Colors – 5.5lb Bucket

Litokol Starlike® EVO Tile Grout – Classic & Glamour Colors – 5.5lb Bucket



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Introducing Starlike® EVO Grout®: Specialty Grout that Complements Without Compromise

Starlike® tile products two part epoxy grouting system is a patented grout offering consistency in colors, is stain and crack resistant and water repellent.

The numerous Classic colors from Starlike® tile products provide numerous options for the consumer when grouting floors, walls and more. There are three different finish options which can be added to the grout colors providing a total of 60 different grouting options.

As with all Starlike® grouting products, the Classic colors provide excellent inhibitors to acids and other chemical substances, inhibits UV light making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, extremely easy to apply and clean, and is one of three color collections offered by Starlike® grouting products.

Suitable for direct contact with food substances. Product with ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

See manufacturer’s product guide here.

See product spec sheet here.


  • Quick to apply and easy to clean.
  • Has as a barrier against UV rays to protect grouting from yellowing.
  • No more stains and dirt with Starlike waterproof grout.
  • Safe for users due to its non-corrosive nature.

The Zherorisk® project identifies the diversity of Litokol products: an investment in the safety of tile installers and people.

Zherorisk® is a research initiative by Litokol’s R&D division with the participation of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the DICAM (Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering) of Bologna and external research institutes.

The Zherorisk® platform is a technology projected into the future with the aim of developing an innovative generation of eco-sustainable building materials, at “zero risk”. The goal is to guarantee the safety of people through three aspects: safeguarding the health of professional operators; the quality of air in homes, places of work and free time; the transportation of goods.
The study of primary materials and ways to combine them leads to the creation of a new family of innovative products, all with eco-sustainable characteristics.

Zero risk for the user

  • Studies show that most VOC emission (Volatile Organic Compounds) occurs during application: the use of products with ultra-low VOC emission increases the safety of professional users; the lack of pungent and unpleasant odours makes the workplace
    much more comfortable.
  • Non corrosive
  • Non toxic
  • Non-hazardous to the environment

Zero risk for homes

  • Very low VOC emissions: safeguarding the quality of air in homes and the health of those who live there.

Zero risk in transportation

  • Product not subject to restrictions for road, sea, air and rail transport
  • No ADR restrictions for road transport
  • No IMO containers for transport by sea


Goods transportation and environmental protection

Zherorisk® products, in addition to being eco-compatible, safe for the environment and human health, with ultra-low VOC emissions, can be safely transported because they are free from substances that are harmful to the environment and not subject to the regulations included in the ADR regulation governing the transportation of hazardous goods.

The path taken on toxicological studies and the reform of all chemical substances included in the Reach/CLP European standards that introduces the United Nations globally harmonized system GHS, has allowed the classification and labelling criteria to be harmonised, thus encouraging the free movement of goods whilst ensuring a high level of protection for man and the environment.

With the new basic substances developed as a result of the Zherorisk® project, it was possible to obtain products with minimum risk labelling, with no obligations imposed by the ADR regulation, allowing for significant cost savings in terms of shipping and logistical time frames.

When it comes to international transportation over long distances, our products can also be transported by sea in containers without IMO shipping certification (International Maritime Organization).

Zero risk for the environment

  • Renewable primary materials
  • Recycled materials
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower CO² emissions
  • Reduced consumption of basic materials

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100 BIANCO ASSOLUTO, 102 Bianco Ghiaccio, 105 Bianco Titanio, 110 Grigio Perla, 115 Grigio Seta, 120 Grigio Piombo, 125 Grigio Cemento, 130 Grigio Ardesia, 140 Nero Grafite, 145 Nero Carbonio, 200 Avorio, 202 Naturale, 205 Travertino, 208 Sabbia, 210 Greige, 215 Tortora, 225 Tabacco, 230 Cacao, 232 Cuoio, 235 Caffe, 300 Azzurro Pastello, 310 Azzurro Polvere, 320 Azzurro Caraibi, 330 Blu Avio, 340 Blu Denim, 350 Blu Zaffiro, 400 Verde Salvia, 410 Verde Smeraldo, 420 Verde Prato, 430 Verde Pino, 500 Rosa Cipria, 530 Viola Ametista, 550 Rosso Oriente, 580 Rosso Mattone, 600 Giallo Vaniglia


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