Murco M-100 Joint Compound


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Murco M100 Drywall Joint Compound creates immaculate designs with high-quality standards. M100 is recommended for use to create an eco-friendly, green environment. Specifically designed for chemically sensitive customers, this hypoallergenic, powdered all-purpose, joint compound is formulated with no preservatives, mildews or fungicides, ensuring air quality and environmental safety, and contains no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). Made with inert fillers and natural binders, it contains no slow-releasing compounds, & mixes well with tap water. Scientifically developed to create a superior finish that does not crack, shrink, or discolor even when used in the most extreme conditions, this compound is durable, easy to apply, and can conceal any dent or surface flaws. One 25lb. bag will coat 6 sheets of sheet-rock roughly 3 times.