Natural Havelock Wool Insulation Loose Fill – In Stock!

Natural Havelock Wool Insulation Loose Fill – In Stock!


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Loose fill insulation designed to be blown into walls, ceilings, attics, and basement applications.

1 Bag  •  R4.3 per Inch  •  25 lbs per Bag • 22.13 cubic ft per bag  •  21 bags per Pallet

Loose Fill Insulation Coverage:

R Value       Thickness      S/F per Bag
15                   3.5″                 77
24                  5.5″                 48
31                  7.25″               38
40                 9.25″               29


Why Use Wool Insulation?

There is a wealth of options when it comes to insulation material. But we believe that wool, especially Havelock sheep wool insulation is a superior product. Here’s why.

  • Natural Material – Because wool isn’t created synthetically, it’s inherently devoid of potentially harmful materials. It’s also sustainable.
  • Industry-Standard Performance – Wool batts have an industry-standard thermal conductivity of 3.6 per inch. It means that it can absorb heat efficiently.
  • Excellent Moisture Control – Wool is excellent at absorbing moisture. And it does this without developing mold and mildew. This is because wool has natural keratin that prevents this from happening.
  • Filters Your Air – If your walls or outside elements contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, wool’s natural acids can bond with them and filter their effects out.
  • Fire-Resistant – Wool is inherently fire resistant because it has high nitrogen content. It will not burn up below 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sound Blocking – Wool helps improve your home’s privacy, as it can muffle the sound coming in and out of your place.
  • Easy Installation –You don’t need special protective equipment when handling wool batts. It installs just like any other insulation material, too.

How Effective Is Wool Insulation?

The ability of the material to resist the flow of heat is measured in its R-value. All you need to know is that the higher the R-value, the better the ability of the material to insulate. At a thickness of 3.5 inches, Havelock sheep wool insulation batts have an R-value of about 13. This is superior compared to other materials of the same thickness, with fiberglass having just an R-value of 11. And having a high R-value is important, as your insulation should be able to stop heat from escaping your home during the cold season and prevent heat from entering your house during the summer.

How Durable Are Havelock Wool Insulation Batts?

Durability should also be a top factor when it comes to looking for insulating material. You don’t want to end up replacing it every year or so. Wool fibers, especially ones that go through Havelock Wool’s proprietary process, are resistant to compression. They also resist felting, which means it doesn’t break down and clump up into a less-durable material. Havelock natural wool insulation fibers have a thickness greater than 35 micron, which is far greater than the standard 28. This makes them stronger and more resistant to compression than the average wool material.

How Does Wool Enhance Air Quality?

Wool insulation stops dust particles from coming into your home. Its amino acids also bond with the harmful chemicals they bring, like nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde, and sulfur dioxide. It causes the dust particles to be trapped in the wool. This is in contrast with other insulation materials that do not provide the unique filtering mechanism. They may also emit harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). These VOCs may cause significant health issues when you’re exposed to a large amount.

How Does Wool Affect Moisture?

Wool fibers are natural moisture managers. They absorb moisture and release it against 65% relative humidity. This minimizes condensation or water droplets that form on surfaces when it’s humid. Wool also contains natural keratin, which makes it especially resistant to mold growth.

Why Use Havelock Natural Wool Insulation?

When it comes to wool insulation, Havelock Wool is your best bet. Its team only uses premium fibers for their products. They shear the material from a distinct breed of sheep whose wool is thick and dense enough to use as insulation. Havelock Wool doesn’t skimp on quality, as the company only gathers wool fibers instead of scraps. The company also uses a proprietary manufacturing process to create consistent, durable, and high-performance insulation.

Get High-Quality and Natural Wool Insulation

If you need access to high-quality wool insulation from top brands like Havelock Wool, The Center for Green Building has you covered. We stock wool insulation in a variety of sizes and R-values. All you need to do is choose the most appropriate one for your home and budget, add to cart, and check out with your preferred payment method. You’ll get your order within one to two weeks.

Email us today for updated pricing and custom orders.

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 18 in


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