• Earth Weave OrganoSoftColors™ Pure Wool Carpet – Catskill


      New OrganoSoftColors™ Line | Catskill The OrganoSoftColors™ line are truly unique carpets that brings a style and luxurious texture never…

    • IceStone Countertops


      IceStone Countertops We created IceStone recycled glass surfaces with the health of our employees, our customers, and the planet in…

    • Earth Weave Dolomite Bio-Floor™ Carpet


      Dolomite Bio-Floor™ Carpet Our lowest pile product constructed from the finest all natural wool available. At 30 ounces, Dolomite is…

    • AustinAir Bedroom Machine Air Purifier


      Who should consider The Bedroom Machine® by Austin Air? Those who have difficulty sleeping or have poor quality sleep Individuals that suffer…

    • Austin HealthMate Plus Air Purifier


      Who should consider the HealthMate Plus®? Anyone needing an efficient way of removing wood burning smoke, formaldehyde and other dangerous…

    • Vermont Natural Coatings Böhme BoMol Exterior Trim Stain


      Böhme has been manufacturing stains and coatings in Switzerland since 1866. Now these natural hybrid-oil stains and finishes are made…

    • Austin Allergy Machine Air Purifier


      Who should consider the Allergy Machine®? Those exposed to biologics such as viruses and bacteria Those living in damp environments…

    • Austin Pet Machine Air Purifier


      Who should consider the Pet Machine®? Bird and exotic pet owners Pet owners looking to remove pet odors, dander and…

    • AustinAir HealthMate Air Purifier


      Who should consider the HealthMate®? Individuals with indoor air quality concerns Those with slight sensitivities to airborne particles, chemicals and…

    • AustinAir HealthMate Plus Replacement Filter


      All standard size units are interchangeable with all standard size filters. So, if you purchased a standard size HealthMate® and…

    • Austin HealthMate Junior Plus Air Purifier – DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER


      Who should consider the HealthMate Plus Junior®? Anyone needing an efficient way of removing formaldehyde and other dangerous VOCs Those…

    • AFM SafeCoat – Polyureseal BP – Water Based Clear Wood Finish


      This is the highest quality low VOC, water-based clear finish available today. Its exceptional durability and abrasion resistance, coupled with…

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